• Inn we want to night
    with a book

    A new inn that feels like a villa, sharing space.
    With 26 rooms in total,
    a space of thoughtful hospitality and quiet relaxation.
    Some rooms also offer
    a sweeping view of Mt. Asahidake
    or a star-filled sky from within the hotel.

    Guest Rooms

Watch DVDs on a 60-inch plasma TV A place of space and healing

Deervalley, which means "valley of deer," offers a lot of healing spaces for you.
A "Lobby" with a gentle-flamed fireplace, and a "Mountain View Lounge" where you can see the ridgeline of Mt. Asahidake.
A "Play Hall" where you can read books or watch DVDs at your leisure,
and a "Healing Space" where you can get lost
in contemplation to the CD of your choice.
Spend your time, your way.

Relish locally grown and consumed food through the seasons

We also highly recommend our all-you-can-drink wines to go with meals!

Dinner is the chef's specialty service meal course starting with an appetizer.
For the main dish, enjoy our ingenious Deervalley style.
Hotel Deervalley offers a large helping of "delicious" and "fun," with the cuisine and the all-you-can-drink where you can enjoy wines of your choice at your own pace.

Natural hot spring “Yamanoyu” Rare spring-quality hot spring that flows directly from the source

Mt. Asahidake's hot springs, such as magnesium sulfate, common salt,
and gypsum springs, are extremely rare in Japan.
It has a colorless, odorless, and smooth hot spring quality,
and slowly warms the body.
After your bath, we offer Taisetsu Asahidake Gensui water.
The hot springs at our sister hotel 15 minutes away on foot, Hotel Bearmonte,
are also free for your use during your stay.

Movie Deavally

Four seasons of Asahidake

The highest peak in Hokkaido, Daisetsuzan's Mt. Asahidake.
The sublime scenery of the four seasons stretches out against the backdrop of a forest where a primeval vitality lingers.
You might also encounter adorable little animals.

During the HOTEL DEERVALLEY winter closure period [from November 5, 2023, to April 20, 2024], please use the group's HOTEL BEARMONTE.
Moreover, reservations are now being accepted for stays at HOTEL DEERVALLEY from April 21, 2024, onward.