OnsenHot Spring

A mysterious hot spring that will make you want to get back in after soaking in its mountain water.
The hot spring water is as clear as water trickling from rocks and has a colorless, odorless and smooth spring quality.
It is a natural mountain hot spring «100% from the source» and is not diluted or cycled in at all.

At Asahidake Onsen,
be as you are with nature.

Its old name is magnesium sulfate, common salt, and gypsum spring. Its hot spring quality is extremely rare.
Asahidake Onsen, located on the mountainside of Mt. Asahidake's highest peak (2291 m), was discovered in 1914 and is a prominent alpine hot spring area in Japan.
This area used to be called "Yukomanbetsu," meaning "river heading for the hot water" in the Ainu language,and you can learn about its old history.
The hot spring comes from the heat from the Daisetsuzan mountain range's continuous volcanic activity and the blessed water.
After all this time, it still wells up naturally.
Please enjoy the rich hot spring quality at the Daisetsuzan mountain range's Mt. Asahidake to your heart's content.

A Rich hot spring quality at the Daisetsuzan mountain range's Mt. Asahidake. Flows straight from the spring source
Asahidake Onsen"Yamanoyu"

Italian tiles are used on the walls, floors, bathrooms, and bathtubs, and the high slanted ceilings give a sense of space.
On a clear day, Mt. Asahidake can be seen from the men's bath.

Bath times 3:00 pm ~ 10:00 am the next morning place 2F
Amenities «bathhouse» Shampoo, conditioner and body soap
«changing room» Dryer, toner, body milk / cleansing (women) / styling lotion, hair styling liquid (men)

*Hotel Deervalley does not offer nonguest bathing.

  • Bathe for free at our sister hotel

    Bathe for free at our sister hotel "Hotel Bearmonte"

    Guests staying at the hotel can bathe at the hot spring at Hotel Bearmonte, which also has a sauna, free of charge. They offer two types of saunas (dry ((löyly type)) / mist) that let you sweat pleasurably and get your mind and body back in shape.
    "Löyly-Type Sauna"
    By pouring water on the hot sauna stones and generating steam, it has an effective temperature-raising and perspiration-promoting effect. Enjoy our popular löyly-type sauna, from which you can expect recovery from exhaustion, beautiful skin, and relaxation effects.
    *It takes around 15 mins on foot from our hotel to Hotel Bearmonte. More about our sister hotel "Hotel Bearmonte" here →

  • Have Mt. Asahidake's underground water after bathing

    Have "Mt. Asahidake's underground water" after bathing

    We prepare "Mt. Asahidake's underground water," created by the nature of Daisetsuzan, for your consumption after bathing. This water comes from the meltwater of Daisetsuzan's "Mt. Asahidake," which has flowed for many years and is rich in minerals.
    (All cooking and drinking water in the hotel uses this underground water.)

  • shampoos and conditioners

    shampoos and conditioners

    At the women's bath, we offer shampoos and conditioners you can choose from.

Asahidake Onsen
Spring Quality and Benefits

The spring quality is a sulfate spring (including magnesium sulfate, common salt, and gypsum springs). It is a rare and valuable hot spring in Japan. Although it is colorless and clear, it has various effects such as improving blood circulation, regulating blood pressure, and having a soothing effect, also called "Kizunoyu." It is a natural hot spring 100% from the source and is not diluted or cycled.

Water temperature 41.8° (Water temperature at the water source)
Spring Quality Calcium / magnesium / sodium sulfate / chloride spring (colorless, clear, tasteless and odorless)
Benefits Good for nerve pains, muscle pains, joint pains, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, recovery from fatigue, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, cold sensitivity, post-illness recuperation, health promotion, sickly children, chronic skin diseases, chronic gynecological diseases , cuts, burns, arteriosclerosis
Contraindications Not for persons with an acute illness (especially with a fever), active tuberculosis, malignant tumor, severe heart disease, lung failure, kidney failure, hemorrhagic disease, severe anemia, or other ongoing common diseases